Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Is MCA a scam?

Is MCA a scam? That was what I wanted to know. I had heard the hype, stuff like "Turn $40 into Thousands" and that you can actually sell something that costs the person $39.90 and that you will get $80. The math on that seemed impossible to me. I thought that this MCA must be a scam. How can they take in $39.90 and send out $80 and also give the person who paid $39.90 real benefits that they can actually use. This all seemed impossible so I decided to test them myself and find out if MCA is a scam.

I joined MCA and paid $39.90, this gave me my first and last month of MCA membership. This also gave me access to my back office on the TVC website, TVC is the marketing arm of MCA. On the TVC website there was marketing materials and strategies available to download in PDF format if you wish to use them to market MCA to others. I checked it all out , it was hard to believe that for $19.95 a month I was going to really get all of the benefits that the training materials outlined, I thought again that MCA must be a scam.

I spent some time talking to my sponsor who I picked to join because of her claimed success with MCA , she said she was making over $3000 a month, this too seemed too good to be true and sounded like MCA was a scam, but she proceeded to show me undeniable proof, screen shots of her bank account with big money deposits every Friday. She even showed me how she got $80 when I signed up. I thought wow this woman really got $80 just because I spent $39.90? Wow, by this time I am getting excited by MCA I am unable to find anything bad online about the company and I am talking with this nice person who is making over $3,000 a month with this. It was time for me to make my first sale, really put this to the test and find out if MCA is a scam or not.

By this time I had talked to some like minded friends of mine, people who were also looking to make money online. I had told them about MCA and the benefits and the income opportunity. all were skeprtical, some thought MCA is a scam for sure. But a few were opened minded and I managed to get my first sale to my friend Michael. He paid the 39.90 for his first and last month of membership, I immediately got an email from MCA , congratulating me on my sale of MCA to Michael. I logged into my TVC account and there he was, and it said that my payment was $80. I started to get excited, maybe MCA isn't a scam I thought, but this was still just a number on my computer screen not really money in my pocket. So i waited for Friday to roll around.

Once Friday came the anticipation was killing me .Did I really just sell something for $39.90 and get $80? I logged into my bank account and there it was , $80.00. MCA came through, they said if I sold this membership for $39.90 that I would get a full $80.00 and they were right. Since that day I have sold many other memberships and my life has been changed by this income flow. I get $80 every single time, it is a great feeling.

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